A Review Of The 3 Top Blogging Software

Blogging software,also known as blogware or weblog software is a program that is used to make maintaining and creating blogs much easier. Blog software has a variety of features that most people look at before settling on one. Bloggers look for software that is easy to use,has technical support,design tools,etc. The following is a review of some of the top weblog software:

1. Blogger.com blogging software

This is a very popular blogging software because it has been around longer than most of the other software and it is free and easy to use. Since its purchase by Google,its tools and features have continued to advance and become better. All the services and features offered by Blogger.com are free to use for all users but just like all free things,it has a disadvantage. When you use the software to create a blog,a bar at the top of the page will appear with the Blogger logo on it. Links to other blogs will also appear.

Unfortunately,the links to those other blogs may not exactly be appealing or appropriate to your blog. There is a way that you can remove this bar but it requires some kind of technological expertise. Despite this flaw,Blogger.com’s features are versatile. Bloggers can create as many blogs as they want because they are not limited by the amount of storage space used or traffic that their blogs generate.

Bloggers can also earn money using Blogger.com because it automatically integrates with Google AdSense. Find out morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAbEs8tRFcg. Beginners will find this software very easy to use because uploading images and publishing posts is very simple. In summary,it is a good option for first time bloggers since it provides a wide variety of features at no cost.

2. WordPress Blogging Software

This popular blogging software can be used to host either a blog or a full website. The good thing about this software is that you can easily customize it. This makes it a great avenue for serious bloggers because they can create pages that are independent from the blog,they can invite guest bloggers to submit content which they can review and publish and they can create multiple blogs.

Despite its appeal to most bloggers,WordPress comes with some drawbacks. Beginners may find it to be a bit complicated with all the customization features. Moreover,many people report that the user experience is a bit plain. Overall,it still remains one of the most popular software and it currently dominates the market.

3. Tumblr Blogging Software

Tubmlr approach to blogging seems to be a mixture of micro-blogging tools such as Twitter and traditional blogging software. One thing that sets it apart from other software is the fact that it does not use the usual commenting system. Most blogs encourage users to leave comments at the end of the post but with Tumblr,readers have to reblog to their own Tumblr blog in order to comment.

It also has applications and cool themes that bloggers will find to be very useful to their blogs. Tumblr however has a few drawbacks. For instance,they strive to make things simple by removing some of the important features that other blogging software has. Their user interface design is also not appealing and maybe frustrating for some users to use.

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