Candidate FAQ

Candidate FAQ

Does this cost me anything?
No. GCB-Executive Search is paid by the client company when the placement is made. The company enters into an agreement with GCB for several reasons, not least of which is that it saves them time and money.

Does working with a recruiter hurt my chances for the job?
It could. Some organizations, indeed, some individuals, will go to great lengths to avoid the payment of a fee. In truth, however, it is likely that every reputable company in America has paid a fee for a talented new hire.

Does working with a recruiter enhance my opportunities?
Absolutely. The recruiter is in the marketplace every single day, and survival depends on the ability to identify opportunities for both candidates and clients.

Should I work with more than one recruiter?
You should do what is in your best interest. No recruiter can guarantee you a position. If you feel comfortable with a recruiter and the direction in which the search is going, fine. If you choose to work with more than one recruiter, just tell all parties. Sometimes recruiters will overlap in their clientele, and it offers you no benefit to have your background presented by multiple sources. It probably gives the employer the wrong impression about your motivation.

Do I run a risk by compromising my confidentiality?
Not here. GCB-Executive Search will never mention your name, your present employer, nor share your resume’ with anyone, without your prior approval.

What does a recruiter really need to know about me?
Everything that is important to you. If money is a concern, you have to guide the recruiter. How much you make is important to know if the recruiter has any sense of market. If you are under duress in your present position, then you must communicate a sense of urgency. If your plan is to make a move before “the kids start back to school, but not after,” then we need to know that. The parameters of your search involve more than money and location. We are ‘partners’ in this effort, and every partnership begins with trust.

How does a recruiter ‘market’ me?
What we do is call people with whom we have worked in the past, people with whom we are currently working, and people with whom we would like to work. We present the background of an unidentified individual who meets some criteria which, we think, will be of interest in an employer-employee relationship. The response will be one of three things:

No way.
Can we meet this week?
Very interesting, but what I’m really looking for is . . .
The recruiter is market-driven, and if no one is ‘buying’ your background, and there are several opportunities for others, then you fall in the list of viable candidates. We will let you know and keep you posted. We return every telephone call, albeit not with the responsiveness you may desire.

What do I do if a recruiter has done something unethical?
The web site of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS) is Report the problem and talk with the appropriate officials for their guidance.

Positions Available

Positions Available

This is not an inclusive list. This list mirrors the majority of opportunities presently available at this update. Positions last updated August 17, 2007.

–SVP, Area President Cobb/Cherokee, Faith-based De Novo Institution. Credit-trained with more than five years of experience in commercial lending secured by real estate. $1MM to $8MM size transactions with active customer relationships in the prime-driven Georgia market. Compensation base north of $100K, incentive compensation includes % of fee income generated. Equity participation.

–SVP, Commercial Real Estate Major Regional Community Bank. Command aggressive growth in specialized-environment throughout the Metro marketplace. Requires intimate knowledge of market and ability to compete on more than simple pricing. Requires ability to manage and develop subordinate skills. Highly-competitive compensation and incentives with institution capable of substantial portfolio expansion in commercial real estate. Non-compete agreement sensitivity.

–VP, Relationship Manager Gwinnett, Community Bank. Existing, de novo institution with headquarters in Gwinnett marketplace. More than three years of local business development and underwriting experience in real estate-oriented transactions. Base in high five figures, with incentives based on performance.

–Vice President, Private Equity Fund Atlanta. 4-10 years experience in credit-oriented leveraged finance and/or capital markets required. Incumbent will utilize business contacts throughout the Southeast in order to develop business. Expanding Regional Office of National Firm offers growth locally, as well as opportunities to open future offices in other regional markets. Compensation, incentives, participation as anticipated for individual with appropriate demeanor, credentials, and experience.

–SVP, Retail Banking, Buckhead Community Private Bank. Newly-created position requiring Incumbent to direct Private, Consumer, Retail, and Treasury Management functions for multi-location aggressive and highly successful institution. 10-15 years experience preferred with sales development skills and managerial capacity fully-developed. Direct report to President and CEO with six-figure base, restricted stock included in package. Mentoring for incumbent desiring to start a future de novo opportunity offered as personal development enticement.

–SBA BDO, Community Development Corporation Greater Chattanooga and Atlanta positions. Originate 504 CRE transactions utilizing existing business and referral contacts throughout marketplace. Office in-home fully-supported with nationally-reknown Manager in California. Incumbent will have SBA or bank exposure and have expectations to close 12 transactions in the first year. Compensation base in upper-middle five figures with 15% of processing fee per transaction, uncapped.

–Director, Commercial Asset Finance Atlanta. Oversee credit risk management and transaction underwriting, requiring proven credit underwriting and risk analysis skills. Incumbent should have 7-14 years of experience in the financial services industry, particularly in equipment and asset/collateral lending. Client is the Corporate finance-private placement arm of a leading provider of private capital for more than a half-century. Position is a key member of the deal team, including both a business development officer and management staff, with management responsibility and potential.

–Senior Underwriter, CMBS Atlanta. Major Commercial Mortgage Conduit, growing to $12 Billion in portfolio nationwide, seeks individual to underwrite debt and equity transactions. Prefer incumbent actively involved in asset/portfolio management or underwriting transactions, either as direct hire or as contractor, at the present time. At least five years of experience required, with continuing interest in candidates up to 20 years of experience, relocation to Atlanta strongly considered. Highly independent position, direct report to National Director of Underwriting and Portfolio management.

–Portfolio Manager, SBA Buckhead. Newly-created position for Community Bank with highly-regarded SBA Program. Prefer incumbent have portfolio management experience in commercial loans of any kind, but with primary emphasis in SBA. Compensation base in the $70’s, with bonus potential adding another $20K or so. Bank or Commercial Finance company experience acceptable.

–Broker, CRE Investment Sales Buckhead. Commercial Mortgage Bank seeks individual capable of working “under the radar screen” of traditional brokerage activities. Incumbent will have sufficient contacts in local market to provide clientele with opportunities not widely-known, or to offer clientele properties to selected interested buyers. Compensation would include attractive base plus commission for self-managed individual.

–Marketing Manager, CRE Buckhead. Commercial Mortgage Bank seeks individual to research CRE opportunities and relationships utilizing print media, internet, and personal contact with key developers, investors, and brokerage community. Newly-created position will utilize CRE knowledge of incisive and introductory contacts to develop CRE opportunities throughout the Southeast. Incumbent will be in competitively-salaried position, but will also share in fees emanating from his/her efforts. Incumbent will develop program and establish procedures.


Can We Help You?

If you can answer yes to six or more of the following as it pertains to your professional credentials, then we need to talk. Six or more of these factors have been present in all of our recent placements. If we can not help you‚ we will say so.

Do you have:

1. A college degree
2. An advanced degree
3. Full-time work experience
4. Foreign language skills
5. Supervisory experience
6. Professional certifications
7. Customer relationships
8. Portfolio management responsibility
9. Securities registrations
10.Credit training
11.Underwriting experience
12.Origination experience
13.Sub-debt or equity transaction experience
14.Experience with interim finance
15.Experience with permanent financing
16.Workout exposure
17.Asset management responsibility
18.Financial modeling experience
19.Work experience in a consulting firm, an accounting firm, a bank, a finance company, a brokerage firm, or an unregulated lender.

If your background falls outside these parameters, please try which provides a complete list of ethical recruiters in the State of Georgia, by specialization, location, and contact information.