Closing a Sale: Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of amazing brands out there. Some are famous and synonymous with the product that they sell,others fade into obscurity never to be heard from again. Is it because their product is so much better than their competition? Not necessarily. While marketing and brand awareness certainly help,what really sets them apart is their ability to sell. Some people are born salespeople,others struggle,but the fact remains if you want to be successful in the business world,you need to learn how to close a sale.

Skill is Better Than Luck

One common misconception is that closing a sale is mostly luck. They think that their competition just happened to be in the right place at the right time,and there was nothing that could be done. This is a big mistake in thinking. You can absolutely control closing a sale,if you know what you are doing. Utilizing things like eye contact to establish trust,and using humor to alleviate pressure can mean the difference between closing the deal and having the door slammed in your face. five channels

Preparation is Vital

There are two things that you need to learn inside and out. Those two things are the product that you are selling,and the potential customer you are selling it too. It is important to establish a relationship with any potential customer,because people are much more willing to buy something from someone that they trust,even if they have to pay a little more. Learn what your potential customer likes,what they don’t like,what their goals are,and what attributes they value in a person. Don’t be afraid to push a little bit to figure out what makes them tick,and formulate a plan for any initial answer they may give you. Just like with most endeavors in life,sales can often be won or lost from preparation.

If you still need help on more little things you can do to establish a trusting relationship with potential customers,don’t be afraid to attend webinars. There are a lot of people out there that are willing to help you become the salesperson that you know you can be. FiveChannels

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