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Composite gives you the look of wood without the upkeep. You still get the appeal of a natural wood grain style for your deck,but there’s no need to stain it every few years. Composite can be a great middle-ground if you want a classic look with a little more durability.

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The wood fibers in some types of composite material can start to decay if they’re not properly cared for. PVC decking is a light-weight option for both floating and stationary docks. The plastic polymer is gaining new fans in the waterfront industry because it’s easy to clean and has great options for non-slip deck surfaces.

It’s completely mold- and mildew-resistant (unlike wood and certain composites) and won’t even fade in the sun. With PVC,what you see is what you get. No staining or re-painting required. On the flip side,PVC decking can end up being more expensive than a composite material. It also comes with that plastic feel underfoot.

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As another low-maintenance decking option,aluminum is often the material of choice for dock owners who want versatility. Aluminum can be left plain or powder coated. The coating options are long-lasting and some can even get the aluminum decking to resemble wood. As with PVC,aluminum decking won’t decay. As an added bonus,aluminum won’t warp or twist.

Similar to concrete,going with aluminum might be better choice for industrial or commercial dock needs. It’s expensive,and applying a powder coat can also add to the dock cost. But in the end,aluminum might still be worth it because it doesn’t require regular maintenance. The unique panel design of ThruFlow decking systems lets sunlight pass right through the dock surface so marine environments can still get the sunrays they need to thrive.

The grated decking structure helps keep dock surfaces dry. Water and sunlight can move through the dock with ease,and the anti-slip surface makes it a safe choice for all types of waterfront activities. ThruFlow docks are low-maintenance like aluminum and PVC decking,but they too come with some setbacks.

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An EZ Dock system doesn’t use any fillers or foam to stay afloat. The thick polyethylene sections and unique chamber design keep the dock sections buoyant and stable in all types of weather. These docks come with non-skid textures and have grooves molded into each section. You get great footing on deckâ even when the surface is wet.

Even if you want to stay small now,you’ll have the option to expand or reconfigure your dock down the road. Some dock owners may still prefer a wooden deck’s aesthetic,but we like EZ Dock because it combines low-maintenance with long-lasting durability. What else is there to critique? It’s kind of win-win dock setup.

Different materials have inherently different benefits,but once you’ve weighed the options you’ll be ready to start planning for your project. If you have further questions about the best decking materials for Indiana lakes and marinas,please don’t hesitate to contact us. At Deaton’s Waterfront Services,we’re always happy to provide a free consultation for your dock design or new installation.

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Posted on July,10th,2018 by Emily Shepherd in Dock BlogWhen determining which type of material to build your dock,it is important to utilize materials that are durable and will last season after season. Two popular options are aluminum and steel,which both offer a variety of pros and cons.

Pros:Low Maintenance & Durability â Aluminum does not rust and will maintain its strength year after year typically surpassing the lifespan of other type of docks – boat dock. Light-weight â Aluminum docks are easier to install and will not heavily impact the foundation it is built upon in the shoreline. Cons:More expensive â The biggest drawback for the aluminum docks is that it can be more costly than the steel counterpart.

Pros:Strength: For docks that are heavily used,steel will be a great option for the strength of steel will outlast the constant use.Lower price: Steel is typically a more affordable option than the aluminum docks. Galvanize Steel: At Master Docks,we use galvanize steel to prevent rusting as long as possible and to keep the weight down.

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More maintenance and slightly shorter lifespan: Steel docks do not last as long as its aluminum counterpart and can require more maintenance due to rust. Interested in learning more? At Master Docks,we can provide a consultation to help you determine the best material for building your dream dock. Contact us today to get started! Tags: Aluminum,Docks,Steel.

Whether your dock is a total wreck or it’s just not your style,there are several resources to help you replace it,from parts,to complete building plans,to folks who will help you design and build your own and even construct it on-site. Docks range from very simple structures that may cost a couple thousand bucks to extremely complex systems that cost several thousand.

When you’re choosing what route to take in planning a new dock,it’s best to take stock of your situation and your skills. If you have Bob Vila-worthy skills,plenty of time,and an amenable shoreline and water depth,a “kit” dock is a great budget-friendly option. These do-it-yourself kits,which simply assemble at the shoreline and almost drop into place,are becoming more popular.

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The up-front costs will be much higher than buying materials and building it yourself,but think of the benefits: Your dock will be built right and last for many years,and those weekends you’d have to spend measuring,hammering and drilling can be spent on other things. See also You may have the background and fortitude to build your own dock,but other limitations might put the brakes on your homebuilt project.

The general rule for lake bottoms: If it’s sandy and flat,you’ll have little trouble. If the depth varies by only a couple of feet from the shoreline to where the end of the dock will be,that’s OK too â most kit docks will have enough built-in adjustability to accommodate this.

Measuring the correct depth with accuracy will be the toughest task. Keep in mind that many lakes are drawn down and refilled from time to time,depending on the season and local water needs. If your lake varies dramatically in depth over time,your dock project may take on a whole new dimension; you’ll need a dock that you can continually adjust for the varying depths.

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If you don’t know what’s typical at your lake,talk to your cabin neighbors who have docks. Check out how their docks operate when the lake depth changes. Talk to local dock builders as well,because they will be the most experienced at building docks that can be moved readily The next thing you’ll want to consider is what type of dock is best for your situation is anchored to your shoreline and the lake bottom and supported by pontoons or flotation units.

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If your lake will freeze in winter,a floating dock is typically easy to remove and store,which avoids potential ice damage. The drawback to a floating dock is its relative lack of stability. Many people can be intimidated by walking on floating docks,because they move with every wave and footstep. floating boat dock.

use stanchions,or leg-support assemblies,placed about every 10 feet along the dock to support it. The “feet” of the leg supports actually sit directly on the lake bottom,making the dock semi-permanent. Post docks are very popular,and they offer stability and a sense of permanence that floating docks just don’t have.

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Many can be removed and installed (after the initial setup,of course) in a matter of hours,making them ideal for freezing climates where ice damage to the dock’s legs is a possibility – aluminum boat dock. Rolling docks that have wheels can make this even easier. are typically designed and installed by professionals,and they are the most permanent and expensive type of docks.

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